Price List

At Guildhall Dental we will always provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan with an estimate of costs before any treatment is undertaken. We will keep you informed of any necessary changes as treatment proceeds.

Children’s Fee Notice

If parent or guardian is registered with us our prices are as follows:-

0-4 years – free of charge

5-17 years – £25.00 for routine examination

18 years and over – adult fees apply

Cost of Treatments – 20% discount off pricelist (excluding specialist services)

We accept payment by cash, debit or credit card. If you are worried about the cost of treatment or if you find any of the charges difficult to understand, please let us know.

Treatment Price
Routine Examination (inc. Small X-Rays)£42.00
New Patient Extended Exam (inc. Small X-Rays)£76.00
Periodontal Assessment£193.00
Consultation Appointment£87.00
Emergency Appointment (Registered Patient)£87.00
Unregistered Patient Appointment£122.50
Panoral X-rays£70.00
Routine Scale & Polish£36.00
Routine Hygienist Visit£68.00
Fillingfrom £87.00
Root Canal Treatmentfrom £410.00
Inlay/Onlayfrom £693.00
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth)from £392.00
Gold Crownfrom £693.00
Tooth Coloured Crownfrom £693.00
Tooth Bridge (per Tooth)from £693.00
Full Dentures, Upper & Lowerfrom £1260.00
Single Denturefrom £735.00
Denture Repair needing an Impression£165.00
Single Tooth Implant£2700.00
Tooth Whitening One Archfrom £310.00
Tooth Whitening Two Archesfrom £420.00
Mouthguardfrom £84.00
Anaesthetist Fee£250 per hour
Surgical Extraction£226.00
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)£22.00
Oral Health Instructions (per appointment)£34.00
Emergency Recall Appointments (out of hours)from £193.00
Bleaching Gel – Pack of 4£65.00



Invisalign Price List Price
Invisalign Consultation£87.00
Invisalign i7from £1785
Invisalign Litefrom £2940
Invisalign Fullfrom £3675



Private Orthodontic Price List Price
20 minute Assessment£87.00
Full Case Assessment£180.00 to £356.00
Fixed Braces – Upper and Lower Teethfrom £4520.00
Fixed Braces Single Arch – Either Upper or Lower Teethfrom £2884.00



Specialist Endodontic Fees Price
Consultation, radiographs and written report£87.00
Incisor root canal treatmentfrom £770.00
Premolar root canal treatmentfrom £770.00
Molar root canal treatmentfrom £880.00
Incisor root canal retreatmentfrom £831.00
Premolar root canal retreatmentfrom £831.00
Molar root canal retreatmentfrom £940.00



Oral Surgery and Implants Price
Large Radiograph OPT£70.00
Treatment Planning (including study models)from £230.00
Intravenous Conscious Sedation£210.00
Oral Surgery
Wisdom Tooth Surgery (per tooth)£390.00
Extractionfrom £315.00
Single Implant and Crown£2700.00
Autogenous bone graft (from mandible)£1287.00
Sinus graft (excluding bio materials)£1515.00
CBCT Scan (one jaw)£115.00