Check-Up and Hygienist Patient – Julie

“My husband first came to the practice as a new patient and said ‘it’s really good, you must come along and try it’, so he recommended me to come, and being a new patient myself I found that the reception people were lovely, the dentist was great, but for me it’s particularly the hygienist that I found real success with.

I had a few bad experiences in the past and I was a little bit nervous of it. I was pleasantly surprised, they were happy, cheerful, they explained everything, they went through everything they were going to do, suggested things for me that I can do on a daily basis that really helps.

I was nervous about what they needed to do, my teeth can be a little sensitive, I wasn’t sure that my teeth were going to resist the pain or I could resist the pain, but, it wasn’t painful at all, it wasn’t even uncomfortable. The hygienist explained to me exactly what she was going to do and then she did it. She was ready for me to say at any point if anything was uncomfortable just to stop, or to wait, or to hold on. And actually I’ve discovered that my teeth aren’t as sensitive as I thought they were. She adopted what she was going to do to clean them so that it wasn’t too cold on my teeth, I’ve just discovered that it’s just a few teeth that are sensitive, not all of them, so that actually was a great help just in itself to know that.

Overall the treatment at the practice I think is second to none, everybody is friendly, it’s smooth, it’s efficient, but it’s somewhere that you don’t mind coming to. It’s not stuffy, it’s not clinical, it’s just got the right level of professionalism and friendliness.”