Cosmetic Crowns Patient – Terence

Terence says that “When I got home from the dentist and had my crowns fitted, my wife said to me ‘fantastic – it’s so much better'”.

Four crowns were replaced at Guildhall Dental after Terence’s teeth became discoloured and his gums began to shrink.

“I think the benefits are that my smile has improved. I’m much more confident about the smile I now have. My family, my wife particularly, and my son and daughter think it’s a big improvement.

When I got home from the dentist and had my crowns fitted for the last time, it was all done, and my wife said to me, “Fantastic, it’s so much better.” My family and friends, when they saw me a few weeks later, said that it was a great improvement and congratulated me for going through the process.

I came here because I’ve been coming here for 25 years to Guildhall practice. Been very happy so far. I had four crowns replaced because some of my old teeth were discoloured, and my gums were shrinking. I was particularly relieved and very pleased with my smile.

Although I’d had this middle gap taken away, it felt so much better, and I think, immediately, it gave me more confidence. I would recommend the practice to others. I’ve been coming here 25 years, and I’ve always found it to be a very good practice, very prompt, efficient service, staff always very pleasant. I think, for me, it’s better… It’s right in the centre of town. What could be better?”