Dental Implants – Barbara

“I can eat more food than I could before, I don’t get all pieces under my plate and I do forget I have got dentures in”


After having two children, due to a lack of calcium Barbara’s teeth began to crumble. At the time it was thought it would be better for Barbara to have all of her teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Since the age of just 23, Barbara has been wearing uncomfortable dentures.

For many years Barbara has had to cope with food getting stuck under her plate. She was unable to eat certain food such as tomatoes with pips in as they became stuck in her denture and very uncomfortable.


The response from Barbara’s friends was, “Wow you look different!”. Barbara says she can now eat more foods than she could have done previously and that she no longer has to use denture glue to fix her dentures.

Smiling she explains, “I do forget that I’ve got dentures in”. Speaking about her experience with dentists Mr Hare and Mr Carr, she says, “I cannot fault them in any way. They were very professional, they explained everything as the process went along.” She went on to say that, “Obviously I was very nervous at the beginning having not gone to the dentists for a such a long time, but they put me at ease”.