Dental Implants – Linda

Linda had dental implants to fix a denture/ plate and complete a smile makeover.

Linda was left with only four teeth from a car accident when she was 16 years old. Her partial denture finally failed when her four teeth became broken.

Since having dental implants to secure a denture, Linda said when she first saw her smile, ‘These teeth look like my teeth, they look like real teeth.’ “I had dental implants in the bottom and a denture in the top. I chose to have it done because when I was 16 and had a car accident, and I knocked most of my teeth out, leaving me about four. And over the years with wearing a partial denture, those teeth came out as well.

The first reaction when I saw my smile was, couldn’t believe it was actually me looking in the mirror and I felt like these teeth look like they were my real teeth, felt like I’ve got real teeth. And I had my teeth fitted on the Tuesday, and on the Saturday we went to a family wedding, and everybody at the family wedding remarked on them, because they knew how bad my teeth were. They knew how I’d had problems and they all remarked on how well my teeth looked and how well I looked, and how it made me look more confident.

I’d recommend this practice to others because they are so attentive to my needs and everything. And they are a really, really caring company, and I just couldn’t fault them in any way. I’d say to patients, that if they’re thinking about having this treatment done, to have it done because it’s changed my life. It’s made me feel a lot more comfortable and a lot better. At the end of the day, it is something that is worth doing. Ladies and the nurses, and everybody were very, very helpful.”