Dental Implants Patient – Emily

Replacing a plate with dental implants.

An accident left Emily wearing a plate, which affected her ability to eat and feeling embarrassed to smile.

She now feels happier about laughing and eating due to permanent dental implants.

“The damage to my teeth affected me, such that I didn’t want to smile or laugh in the way that I did before, because I was trying to hide the appearance of my teeth. I also found eating sometimes uncomfortable and not particularly enjoyable. I also didn’t enjoy having to remove a plate to clean my teeth, and at nighttime. It wasn’t very nice.

It has improved my life significantly in terms of quality of life. I feel happier about laughing and smiling, which then makes me feel better anyway. And I enjoy eating more. I don’t know if it’s mind over matter, but the food tastes better now that I haven’t got a plate.”