Dental Implants Patient – Esther

Dental implants to replace a gap and loose crowns.

Esther had always felt nervous that something might happen to her front tooth while she was eating. Since having dental implants, she is much more confident about eating out and doesn’t worry anymore.

“The problem I had was I had two front crowns and they kept coming out. And though they kept repairing them, sticking them in, I was never very secure or confident with them so I opted to have implants.

When I first saw my smile, I was really pleased. I had a full smile, I’d had a gap filled, and for the first time, I felt I could smile without feeling embarrassed about having a gap on the side of my mouth.

The treatment has really given me more confidence about eating out. I always had that nightmare feeling that something would happen to my front tooth while I was eating. So I don’t worry anymore. The reason I came to Guildhall Dental was that I was referred by my dentist. She said I needed this different treatment and I was very happy to go along with her suggestion. And I was more than happy.

I’ve been very pleased with the results and very pleased with the help they gave me and explained all the details before I undertook the treatment. I would recommend others to come to Guildhall Dental because they were very helpful. They gave me all the information. I knew exactly what the cost was before I started the treatment. And I felt no pressure at all.”