Dental Implants Patient – June

Replacing missing front teeth with dental implant-retained bridges.

Following a fall at work, June lost her two front teeth. As a result, she couldn’t smile, had trouble eating and lost her confidence. Since having a permanent implant bridge June says, “when I first saw my smile I thought it was absolutely amazing”.

“The treatment, which I’ve actually had done, has affected my life because I have my smile back. I have my teeth. I have no pain, whatsoever, I can actually eat properly and I can bite things that I couldn’t before. So basically confidence has grown, so that’s how it’s affected me really.

Initially, after the accident, I had lost my two front teeth, which meant a lack of confidence, couldn’t smile, and trouble eating. So, it was decided the best option was to have them replaced.

The dentist was excellent. I can’t actually recommend him anymore because he is just absolutely amazing. However small my concerns were, they were actually addressed, so that actually put my mind at ease and I was very, very happy to go ahead with the treatment.

When I first saw my smile, I thought it was absolutely amazing. The colour match, I just couldn’t believe it and the confidence has actually made me… Well, it’s just made me so, so much more confident and well, as you can see, the smile’s there.”

Guildhall Dental - Junes Implant Story - before