Dental Implants Vs Dental bridge?

Dental Implants v Dental Bridges

Missing or extracted teeth is a common issue for many people. It can cause problems such as infections or confidence loss, while also being very uncomfortable. The good thing is that there are now options offered to you to fix this.

But what is the right one for you?

Generally, these days, Dental Implants are the most common choice, however these haven’t always been an option, and may not always be the right choice for you or your mouth. A Dental Bridge is another option. This may be the best route for you if the neighboring teeth have large fillings or require crowns/caps in the future. Also, further procedure than the implant may be required if the tooth/teeth have been missing for a long time and the gum has receded.

There are several reasons why implants tend to be the most common choice. Oral hygiene is one. It’s a lot easier to maintain a good Oral Health routine and healthy mouth overall with dental implants as the tooth is replaced individually making it easy to brush and floss around the tooth as normal. Whereas, Bridges are cemented or fixed directly to the mouth, making problems arise when trying to brush and floss.

Dental Implants are the more expensive option out of the two. They do however, have a much stronger durability. They are made from a metal which will ensure that they last a lifetime and helps prevent tooth decay and gum problems. So, you would only be paying for this once. A Dental Bridge can only last 10 years, although they are the cheapest options initially. You may be paying more down the line.

Only you and your dentist can know what the right option is for you. Book an appointment and discuss your concerns with a professional you TRUST and knows YOU and your MOUTH.

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