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Good dental health starts right here

We take great pride in what we do and aim to provide the best service to our patients across East Anglia. Our ethos is firmly based on our belief that healthy mouths and gums are the foundations for great dental wellbeing.

Teeth are really important and there are two main problems that occur if we don’t take care of them. Decay in teeth causes pain and discomfort and destroys their structure necessitating fillings and crowns to rebuild them. Gum disease destroys the structures that support our teeth so they eventually become loose and need to be removed. Gum disease is largely preventable by good oral hygiene, proper brushing and having regular monitoring of the soft tissues around the teeth.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy

The two main dental problems are caused by plaque and the efficient and regular removal of plaque is the most important factor in keeping our mouths healthy. Our team of dental hygienists is specially trained to help you achieve a healthy mouth by efficient cleaning and a healthy diet.

Our standard hygiene sessions are 30 minutes. They will help you to look after your teeth and provide expert advice on maintaining a healthy smile at home.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hygienists specialise in helping patients to prevent (and treat) the following: Red swollen gums, Bleeding gums, Tartar deposits, Stained teeth, Bad breath, Bad taste, Gum recession, Teeth drifting apart, Loose teeth and Decayed/infected teeth.

These are all signs of periodontal disease (gum disease) or caries (tooth
decay). The former is a common problem, particularly amongst adults and can be arrested with help from the hygienist. If left untreated, it will steadily progress towards tooth loss.

The Hygienist will thoroughly clean all the surfaces of your teeth above and
below your gums (if necessary) to remove all soft and hard deposits which have built up. The removal of these deposits is essential for the treatment of dental disease. They will also advise you on the most suitable method of brushing and cleaning between teeth, and the equipment you need to carry out adequate oral hygiene and restore your oral health.
This will depend upon the health of your teeth and gums and how well they respond to treatment. Your dentist will suggest a timescale appropriate to you. It is important that you keep these scheduled appointments as they form a vital part of your dental healthcare.
The Hygienist will show you how to use various items of oral hygiene equipment, i.e. brushes, floss, or mouthwashes, to be used daily, as directed. If you wish, these can be purchased from reception.

Julie – Hygienist Patient

“Overall the treatment at the practice I think is second to none, everybody is friendly, it’s smooth, it’s efficient, but it’s somewhere that you don’t mind coming to. It’s not stuffy, it’s not clinical, it’s just got the right level of professionalism and friendliness.”


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