Making a comment or a Complaint

Do you have a comment?

We welcome any comments you may have on the service you receive. You can discuss these with any member of staff within out practices.

Complaints – Introduction

When something does go wrong, we would like to know how we can make it better. If we have made a mistake we would like to learn from it and this will help us to improve our service. You have the right to have any complaint investigated by us and you will be provided with a full and prompt written reply. Your complaint will always be dealt with in confidence and will only be discussed with those who need to know. Under the Data Protection Act, no personal information regarding yourself will be disclosed without your written consent.

How to make a Complaint

If you are not happy with any of our services:
• Talk to an appropriate member of staff, they will try and sort out the problem there and then
• If that is not possible they will take the details of your concerns and our Practice Manager will investigate them as soon as possible.
• We recognise that sometimes you will not feel comfortable raising your concerns directly with the person involved. In this case please ask for your complaint to be referred to the Practice Manager straight away.
• We will accept your complaints by phone, email or in writing.

After we have received your complaint

We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days.
We will offer you the opportunity to discuss the manner in which the complaint is to be handled, the period within which you would like it to be completed and when the response is likely to be sent to you, further information and guidance on making a complaint about NHS Services.

Patient Advice and Liaisons Services (PALS)

Every NHS Trust has a Patient Advise Liaisons Service (PALS). This service is not part of the NHS complaints procedure but offers advice and support, provides information about the complaints procedure, listens to your concerns and helps sort out your queries.