Multiple Treatments Patient – Elizabeth

“The changes from Guildhall Street to here were certainly that the physical changes were massive, in terms of it’s a much more functional building. It’s therefore easier to keep it clean and tidy and hygienic, and I think that I certainly like that in terms of visiting a dentist and I would think that other members of the public would think similarly.

The various treatments I have had over the years have been fillings, crowns, root canals, and I do see the dental hygienist who again I think is a very, very good thing and is good for me. I would describe my experience of having those treatments here as being very good, very positive that I’m treated very well and respectfully. The pain and discomfort in having the procedures has been I would say kept to a minimum and mostly I am not in any pain at all because I opt for a local anesthesia, and that is very helpful and they do that as painlessly as possible.

I would recommend this practice to other people, I think they are professional, both the reception staff and the dental assistants as well as the dentists themselves, I have found to be very professional and very helpful and give advice.”