Nervous Patients

The excellent dentists and hygiene team at Guildhall Dental try their best to prevent dental disease – and this is their principal goal. They will work with you to curb disease and the way in which they have set up the dental practice reflects this primary aim.

Sometimes, despite efforts, intervention is needed. Nowadays all dental treatment can be completely painless, but it is, frankly, never fun. We know some people, in fact quite a lot of people, find the prospect and the process frightening. There are a number of really helpful strategies that can be used to help you if you find dental treatment makes you anxious.

Helpful strategies for allaying dental worries

We will always be supportive, take things at your pace and be sympathetic to your needs.

We are very happy to explain what treatment is needed and how it will progress. We find that keeping our nervous patients fully informed at every step helps allay any fears of the unknown.

The Wand® is a new, almost painless injection system that uses a computer controlled anaesthetic delivery. Most people do not even realise that the injection is being done and it allows us to numb-up just one tooth rather than your whole mouth. For more information, please click here.

We offer outpatient-based conscious sedation including intra-venous sedation, which really helps to remove anxieties. With this technique you feel much more relaxed and calm. Although you are not asleep the treatment does not bother you. Afterwards most patients think that they were asleep.

Are you nervous? Let us know when you book your first visit and we will do all we can to ensure your visits are taken at a pace you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intra-venous sedation can be given to adults who are fit enough.
Patients with severe anxiety or phobia can be candidates for IV sedation. It is also useful for patients who find a particular procedure difficult or if a long treatment is planned.
One of the benefits of IV sedation is that patients feel the treatment has only taken a matter of minutes when it may have much longer. This allows complex dental treatment, which may normally take several visits, to be completed in fewer appointments. An injection is administered at Guildhall Dental by a dental sedationist with 30 years’ experience or by a consultant anaesthetist.

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