NOT so old toothbrushes – What to do with your old toothbrush

 old toothbrushesIt’s said that you should change your toothbrush every 3 months. So in your lifetime   that is a lot of toothbrushes simply just being thrown away. Surely there is something else we can do will our old toothbrushes?

  1. Nailed it – Dirty finger nails is not an attractive look for anyone, neither is it hygienic. One of the worst places on our body for collecting dirt and bacteria is under our nails. Why not give your old tooth brush a wiz over them next time you go to throw it out?

 2. Scrub a dub dub – You know those small corners in your bathroom that you can  never get to with your cloth? Or you can’t quite get around the plug or tap as well with using your cloth. Using your toothbrush will allow you get into those little cracks that you just could reach before

3. Muddy paws – You can’t stay mad at your dogs puppy eyes when you get back from a walk and their paws are covered in mud. Well you wont need to stay mad for long a toothbrush is a easy way to get mud out of your dogs paws and nails

4. For those winter months – It’s fair to say sometimes in winter, Chapstick isn’t enough to keep your lips smooth. Using your toothbrush to give your lips an exfoliate is a great way to get rid of dry skin.

5. One the cleaners can’t see So the cleaners may wipe your desk and hoover up your crumbs from your sandwich that day but so much dirt, food and skin gets caught up in your keyboard. Impress your colleagues and bring your old toothbrush into work and show them what they are missing.

Be sure that before the next time you go to throw away your toothbrush, you remember these helpful hacks!

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