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We offer a range of traditional orthodontic treatments for adults, teenagers and children. Orthodontic treatment can transform smiles, improve profiles, and promote a more radiant confidence that can be life changing.

Traditional orthodontic treatment consists of fixed-appliance braces, which are ideal for crowded or crossed teeth, gappy smiles and jaws that do not bite together correctly. They use brackets and wires that work to gently reposition the teeth.

See results fast!
Traditional orthodontic systems provide accurate control of tooth position and are unobtrusive. They are also proven to offer spectacular results, fast. Our in-house orthodontic specialist, Dr Simon Wardle, will advise you on the best course of treatment to leave you smiling with confidence in no time at all.

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How long does treatment take?
This will depend on various factors, which our specialist, Dr Simon Wardle , can discuss with you during your initial appointment.

How much does treatment cost?
If you would like to find out more about orthodontic treatment, you can arrange a 20-minute consultation. The cost of this consultation is £78. Once you’ve discussed your needs, you will be invited to come in for a full-case assessment. The cost of this appointment is £150-£300. Fixed arch braces start from £2,550. We also accept NHS referrals for those children who fulfill the NHS requirements.

Who carries out orthodontic treatment?
Guildhall’s own specialist orthodontist, undertakes the treatment alongside a team of highly trained and friendly staff. He delivers an excellent standard of care with high success rates, and promotes a supportive environment for nervous patients as well as children. Simon holds a Gold Medal from the Royal College of Surgeons for recognition of his performance in the M.Orth examination.

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