Video Testimonials

Patient Success Stories

Fillings and General Dentistry Patient – Paul’s Story

“The dentist who has carried out my treatment is great. She’s very friendly. She’s very kind. She’s always aware of the difficulties that I have and does her best to mitigate them. And it’s always a pleasure to see her. Since having the treatment done, as I say, that pain has disappeared, and the annoying rough edges of the tooth have gone.”

Crowns Patient – Gill’s Story

“The treatment went very smoothly. It was a number of different appointments, but each one was explained to me and everything went very well. Since having the treatment, I’ve been really delighted. The crown is excellent and it’s completely invisible and very comfortable, and I’m very happy.”

Composite Bonding Patient – Debbie’s Story

“When I first had the treatment done, it was like, yes, I can smile, I can smile, and it’s carried on like that. And Bea was the same with hers as well, and she’ll smile now, and just seeing that, it’s worth thousands, really is. And in one treatment, one day, it was done and dusted. It was great, yeah.”

Crowns Patient – Jaqueline’s Story

“The dentist who’s carrying out my treatment at the moment, I think he’s fabulous. He’s lovely. He just greets me very warmly, first name terms. Just a generally lovely man, and he makes me feel very comfortable. I’m very nervous. When I first smiled after I’d had my crowns fitted, this is a few years back. It was just a great feeling to see that my teeth were in really good condition, and yeah, I was really pleased”

General Dentistry and Fillings Patient – Holly’s Story

“The thoughts I have on my dentist, she’s very friendly, very kind, and very welcoming. Before I came here, I hadn’t really had a dentist appointment for, I think it was about three years, so I was quite nervous. I was a bit worried about what they were going to say, the condition that my teeth were going to be in, but they very much put me at ease after we just had a bit of a chat.”

Check-Up and Hygienist Patient – Julie’s Story

“Overall the treatment at the practice I think is second to none, everybody is friendly, it’s smooth, it’s efficient, but it’s somewhere that you don’t mind coming to. It’s not stuffy, it’s not clinical, it’s just got the right level of professionalism and friendliness.”

Tooth Extraction Patient – Ljuba’s Story

“Rebecca was amazing, she made me feel at ease straightaway, every time I’ve seen her it’s got easier and better, and the practice is brilliant as well, if I need an appointment I’ve had one straightaway, no problems. Because I’ve had to go and have things changed and have the dentures altered and things. It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant.”

Multiple Treatments Patient – Elizabeth’s Story

“I would recommend this practice to other people, I think they are professional, both the reception staff and the dental assistants as well as the dentists themselves, I have found to be very professional and very helpful and give advice.”

Cosmetic Crowns Patient – Terence’s Story

“When I got home from the dentist and had my crowns fitted, my wife said to me ‘fantastic – it’s so much better.”

Sedation Patient – Carson’s Story

“I thought Dr Carr was very professional, very kind and in working on my mouth he was very gentle but thorough and made me feel comfortable.”

Dental Implants Patient – Emily’s Story

“I feel happier about laughing and smiling which makes me feel better anyway.”

Dental Implants Patient – Mike’s Story

“The experience I have had has been first rate from the moment you walk in the door. All the staff are very, very friendly and you feel completely at ease. I would recommend this practice to anybody who wants the best treatment for their teeth.”

Dental Implants Patient – Esther’s Story

“When I first saw my smile I was very pleased. I had my gap filled and for the first time I felt I could smile without feeling embarrassed about having a gap at the side of my mouth.”

Dental Implants Patient – June’s Story

“The treatment I have had has affected my life, I have my smile back, I have my teeth, I have no pain whatsoever and I can actually eat properly. My confidence has grown.”

Periodontics Patient – Julie’s Story

“I feel that I’m a lot more confident now. I run my own business so I can actually now confidently meet my customers and not feel that I’ve got to hide my mouth or my smile anymore. My little boy thinks I’m a lot happier because I’m smiling and laughing more.”

Smile Makeover Patient – Hazel’s Story

“It just totally blew me away, right from the beginning. I never thought it would make this much difference to my life.”