Periodontics Patient – Julie


Julie had periodontal treatment with our gum expert Dr Brian Colborn to rectify a number of problems with her teeth and gums. Julie’s teeth were becoming loose and she had a lot of bleeding from her gums. She was in considerable pain and her front teeth had starting turning black and breaking.

She said she felt as if she was waiting for them to fall out. Julie had begun to lose her confidence and was finding that she was smiling and laughing less frequently.

Assessment & Treatment

Some of Julie’s main concerns were her fear of the dentist and the pain and discomfort she thought she would experience during treatment. Following discussions with Dr Colborn, she felt reassured enough to begin her treatment.


“I feel that I’m a lot more confident now. I run my own business so I can actually now confidently meet my customers and not feel that I’ve got to hide my mouth or my smile anymore. My little boy thinks I’m a lot happier because I’m smiling and laughing more.

Pain-wise, the sensitivity is virtually non-existent now. There’s also very little bleeding when I brush my teeth and my mouth feels a lot healthier.

When I first saw my smile it was very emotional as it was a long time since I felt that I could smile. When they held the mirror up it was an amazing feeling, really amazing. A lot of people have commented since that I keep smiling and finding things funny because they’ve never seen me smile so much.”