Periodontics Patient – Julie

When Julie first saw her smile it was very emotional.

Find out how she now feels amazing after her visit to Guildhall Dental.

“When I first saw my smile, it was very emotional. It was a long time since I’d actually felt that I could smile. And when they held the mirror up, it was an amazing feeling. Really amazing. And a lot of people have commented since that I keep smiling and that I must be finding things funny because they’ve never seen me smile so much.

The problem I was having was my teeth were becoming loose. I’d got a lot of bleeding from the gums. They were very painful. They were going black. My front teeth were just black, broken, and as I said, a bit loose and sort of waiting for them to fall out, really.

The concerns I had around the treatment were purely around my fear of dentists and the pain and discomfort that was involved in having dental treatment. But once I’d started the treatment, I felt reassured to carry on and have the treatment done.

The major benefits of having the treatment done for me are a lot of it is cosmetic. So I feel that I’m a lot more confident person. I can speak up in groups. I run my own business so I can actually now confidently meet my customers and not feel that I’ve got to hide my mouth or my smile anymore. My little boy thinks I’m a lot happier because I’m smiling and laughing more. And pain wise, the sensitivity is virtually nonexistent now. There’s no or very little bleeding when I brush my teeth and my mouth just feels a lot healthier.”