Restoring a Tooth

A beautifully restored smile

The speciality that focuses on the reconstruction and replacement of missing teeth is known as Prosthodontics. Dr Joao Afonso is able to use minimally invasive techniques to help even the most complex cases. The main treatment aim is to improve masticatory function whilst never compromising on dramatically improving the aesthetics too. You’re now just one step away from enjoying your new, beautifully restored smile. This phase of your implant treatment involves impressions or high-tech scans that will be taken to determine the exact fit of your new tooth or teeth.

Smile with confidence

We have an excellent team at Guildhall Dental that can help you to close unwanted gaps, restore your natural tooth functions and prevent gum irritations from ill-fitting dentures. We know how important it is to our patients, and we take pride in helping you to gain your smile back.

Dr Peter Bujtar has extensive experience in oral surgery, implant surgery and reconstructions including their engineering aspects as well. Peter has over 14 years’ experience of placing and restoring premium brand implants with an excellent success. Peter is a medical doctor and also a dentist, he undertook a bioengineering program as well as obtaining an academic degree (PhD) in mandible surgery and reconstruction.

Dr João Afonso focuses his practice in the rehabilitation of complex cases of aesthetics, tooth wear and missing teeth. João practices with emphasis in bio-mimetics and minimally invasive techniques. He is dedicated to clear communication and complete involvement with patients and colleagues in decision making and treatment planning.

After-care policy

We will not consider a treatment is complete until you are fully happy with the look, fit and feel of your new teeth. We always aim to ensure aftercare is of an excellent standard which helps us to achieve a superior level of patient care. Our experienced Patient Coordinator will support and guide you throughout your treatment journey, on hand to answer any questions you may have.


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