Secure a Denture

Historically, if you had lost all or most of your teeth, the only option was to have a denture. Thankfully, those days are gone. If you can’t get on with dentures and find them wobbly, uncomfortable or embarrassing, it is possible to have a natural-looking denture that is firmly attached to dental implants.

Fixed implant dentures allow you to:

Enjoy all your favourite foods once more
Socialise without the worry that your dentures may slip
Throw away your denture adhesive because implants are securely fixed
Taste your food because there’s no plastic plate over your palate
Improve your looks as implants preserve bone avoiding a ‘caved in’ appearance


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Frequently Asked Questions

An implant-retained denture is ideal if you have lots of missing teeth or no teeth at all. A full upper denture is firmly fixed to four (or six) implants and a lower denture can be secured with just two implants.
Because dental implants provide a fixed tooth replacement, there is no need to remove your teeth at night.
In a healthy person with a healthy mouth and bone, implant roots (the metal part) should last as long as your natural teeth. They need caring for as natural teeth do. The crowns or bridges supported by the implants can last a decade or more.
All treatment is carried out under a local anesthetic making the area numb. Dental implant treatment is a minor surgical procedure that has been performed for many years, with excellent success rates.
We understand that some people don’t like coming to the dentist, especially to have complex treatment. We do everything we can to ensure that our patients are made to feel at ease, and that they’re in safe hands. Our purpose-built practice has been specifically designed for patient comfort, creating a welcoming ambiance that will help to alleviate feelings of anxiety.
Yes, this is an option for patients who find the thought of treatment worrying. Guildhall Dental’s dentist will talk you through the options available during your consultation.

Linda – Denture Patient

“The first reaction when I saw my smile was, couldn’t believe it was actually me looking in the mirror and I felt like these teeth look like they were my real teeth, felt like I’ve got real teeth. And I had my teeth fitted on the Tuesday, and on the Saturday we went to a family wedding, and everybody at the family wedding remarked on them, because they knew how bad my teeth were. They knew how I’d had problems and they all remarked on how well my teeth looked and how well I looked, and how it made me look more confident.”


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