Smile Makeover – Hazel

Hazel wanted to smile again and regain her confidence. She visited the team at Guildhall Dental in Suffolk who gave her a complete smile makeover. Here’s her story.

“I chose to have a full smile makeover because for 25 years I’ve been having serious trouble with my teeth. I used to grind my teeth a lot as a teenager and I got to the point where my teeth were actually falling apart. The front teeth were all chipped. They were very, very sensitive, I got a lot of pain from them. And I hadn’t willingly had a photograph taken, apart from my passport and my driving license, for at least 25 years.

I felt like I was very, very much involved with what they were doing here. Everybody at the practice was very, very professional, but without being stuffy or starchy. It was friendly.

When I first saw the finished work, I was so impressed. It just blew me away bit by bit through the whole procedure. I was getting happier and happier with the way I looked.

Since my treatment, I smile a lot more. I never smiled without my hand over my mouth. I’ve got some of my confidence back. But perhaps most importantly, I used to have very bad migraines and pain in my jaw, especially in waking, but they’ve improved massively. I don’t have the pain in my jaw now.

I think friends and family have noticed a few things since I’ve had the work done on my teeth. I think, first of all, they recognize that I smile a lot more and I’m a lot more confident. I think they also notice that it’s made me look quite a bit younger, which I’m very pleased with. Also, I think they notice that generally I’m a lot more comfortable with myself and happy around them, and don’t run away every time a camera comes out.”