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We understand how the appearance of your teeth can greatly affect the way you feel about yourself. An attractive smile can improve your entire appearance; enhance your self-esteem and take years off your look. Our dental team have a wealth of experience of creating beautiful, natural smiles for our patients throughout East Anglia.

With our integrated approach to smile design, our team of highly skilled professionals can revitalise smiles of all ages using a specific cosmetic dental treatment or a combination, to achieve your desired smile. Our extensive knowledge of implant dentistry, smile makeovers, orthodontics, crowns, bridges and cosmetic dentures help create beautiful, life-changing smiles.

If you are not happy with the colour of your teeth or have chipped or worn teeth then our combination of tooth whitening and cosmetic contouring will revitalise your smile in only one or two appointments. It may be that you would prefer not to wear orthodontic braces to straighten crooked teeth, so instead we can custom-make minimally-invasive porcelain veneers and crowns to whiten and straighten crowded, crooked or gappy smiles.

Key benefits

Transform smiles with cosmetic solutions
Minimally invasive veneers and crowns
White fillings and tooth whitening
Smile rejuvenation and instant orthodontics
Implants are a long-lasting solution to missing teeth
Specialist orthodontics for stunning smiles

Smile Makeover

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Frequently Asked Questions

Improving the look of your teeth can dramatically transform the way you feel and boost your self-esteem. Smile makeovers can also help other problems, such as stained, discoloured chipped, crooked and twisted teeth.
It depends on the combination of procedures we use but our aim is to give you the best smile possible. Treatments available include tooth whitening, teeth straightening treatment, veneers, cosmetic bonding, white fillings, crowns and bridges and dental implants. We will make sure we discuss all treatment options available so you have can make an informed decision.
Treatment time as well as cost will depend on the number and type of treatments involved in creating your new smile.
We only use the best materials for long-lasting and natural results. To keep your new teeth looking their absolute best, it’s important to stick to a good daily oral routine and attend regular appointments with our hygienists.
Quality and patient satisfaction are at the heart of what we do, and our caring and professional team always goes that extra mile to offer you a dental experience that exceeds your expectations. We offer a tailored approach to treatment using the latest quality products and proven techniques for the best long-term results. Your interests come first, and we will only provide solutions that fully meet your needs and wishes.

Debbie – Composite Bonding Patient

“Today I met my new dentist. She’s been very lovely, very friendly, relaxed us. Harley, who’s three, is very little, and he was a bit wary, still is a bit wary, but for a three year old it’s all new. Bea, she’s a bit older, she’s a teenager, and she’s always been very wary of the dentist, and I think she was cured last time she came here, they were so good, and so that’s been a big help meeting our new dentist today, and yeah, very happy, very happy.”


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