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This patient presented with over retained primary lateral incisors which looked unsightly because of small size. These two teeth were extracted and we provided the patient with immediate dentures and placed two implants and restored the teeth with screw retained crowns and the patient was very happy with the result.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

This patient presented with a few teeth missing and badly worn teeth.  At examination he advised that he was drinking lime water everyday first thing in the morning for the past ten years which had led to lot of erosive wear and the enamel lost on some of the teeth.  We placed crowns on the teeth that we could save and a partial denture.  On the lower teeth we tried to keep to very minimal preparation with resin bonded bridges to replace the missing front teeth and gold or non-precious metals onlays and crowns the back teeth.  The patient was very happy with the result.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

This very pleasant gentleman presented to us with very old upper crown and bridgework, which had started to recede and looked unsightly, and severe attrition on the lower anterior teeth, with a few teeth almost worn down to gingival level.  The patient’s GDP had advised extraction of those teeth and the patient wanted a second opinion. We did a  wax-up and a mock-up in the mouth to see if what we were planning was achievable.

To improve sufficient crown height we did surgical crown lengthening on lower anterior teeth using a surgical stent given to a periodontal colleague.  The patient was then referred to the endodontist for elective root canals on all the four lower anterior teeth. Once root canal was completed all the teeth were prepared and placed in temporaries to assess the occlusion and aesthetics and to ensure patient was happy with result.

Once everything was stable we did definitive impressions for the final restorations and the patient was restored with an increased OVD with porcelain bonded crown and bridgework on the upper and lower teeth.  The patient was very happy with the result.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

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