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Before And After Photos

This female patient has been wearing a very long standing denture. She complained that there was always saliva in the corner of her mouth.  On presentation she showed gingivial hyperplasia when the gum becomes sore and overgrown because of an ill-fitting denture. We corrected the gingival hyperplasia with multiple soft tissue until most of it healed well. There was too much height in her lower face and we corrected this which changed the manly look in her before photos to a very feminine look in the after photographs.

We also placed two implants in the lower ridge for an implant retained denture. The patient had Parkinson and was having difficulty controlling her very loose lower dentures and the implant retained dentures made a huge improvement. The patient was very pleased.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

The patient presented with a fifty year old denture which was very loose denture. The patient has been self realigning for about six or seven years. There was very little bone tissue left but we place two implants very close to each other on the lower and we made him an implant retained denture and a conventional upper denture. The patient was very happy with the result.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

This patient presented with over retained primary lateral incisors which looked unsightly because of small size. These two teeth were extracted and we provided the patient with immediate dentures and placed two implants and restored the teeth with screw retained crowns and the patient was very happy with the result.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

This female patient presented with missing upper canines and she was wearing a removable denture which the patient was not very happy with the aesthetics or the fact that it was a removable denture. The patient wanted to have implants but there was insufficient space between the two roots of the two teeth (at least 7mm which was insufficient) so restored her with resin bonded bridges from her canines. She had retained deciduous canines which were extracted and dentures were placed. Left high in the occlusion and all the teeth came together and patient was happy with the result. The patient was happy with the fixed option available from a conservative treatment plan.

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

This patient presented with a few teeth missing and badly worn teeth.  At examination he advised that he was drinking lime water everyday first thing in the morning for the past ten years which had led to lot of erosive wear and the enamel lost on some of the teeth.  We placed crowns on the teeth that we could save and a partial denture.  On the lower teeth we tried to keep to very minimal preparation with resin bonded bridges to replace the missing front teeth and gold or non-precious metals onlays and crowns the back teeth.  The patient was very happy with the result

By: Dr Ishara Rizwana Hameed

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