We are in practice because of our patients, so we are always delighted when we receive testimonials. It lets us know how we are doing and presents a tried and tested view to our prospective clients.

We are always happy to hear from our patients.

One of the best decisions of my life…
Over a gradual period of time, I lost every tooth in this old head of mine. Hereditary, gum disease, stress, tooth decay, grinding my jaw at night wore them away! The last few extracted before my heart op; decades of tooth I was helpless to stop. I faced the last third of my life with a plate which didn’t fit properly and moved when I ate. That sprang from my mouth if my yawn was too wide; when I sang; when I laughed; when I spoke; when I cried. Thoughts of the rest of my life played out so, saw my confidence drop to an all time low. No NHS dentist to take me in town, I then did some research and looking around.. The Guildhall Dental caught my attention and though too late now for my tooth loss prevention, they offered a service which to me was good news; implanted locators with adjustable screws. A custom made set of dentures which clip onto the implants for a safe and snug fit. And, several trips later plus several grand too, I’ve a full set of white teeth all shiny and new. They don’t move around! They stay right in place! And I am so happy with my new look face. I am a wuss when it comes to pain, but all the discomfort was well worth the gain. To anyone thinking of taking such action, I know at first hand you’ll receive satisfaction. Some folk spend their money on baccy and beer; some people have holidays three times a year. Some folk buy a new car every triannual, or spend a small fortune on a pedigree spaniel. To me, my new teeth are well worth the expense; morale can’t be weighed up in pounds or in pence. It is both my hope and my fervent belief, to see out the rest of my life with these teeth! I have my smile back and I say “WATCH OUT WORLD”, a new phase of my life has just been unfurled.”


“Just to say thanks for seeing me at such short notice as an emergency and then carrying out all the work on my teeth in the subsequent weeks. I can now honestly say that the so-called fear of ‘visiting dentists’ is a myth. So thanks, much appreciated. Also please extend my thanks to all your dental nurses who so ably assisted you in various procedures.”

I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and your two nurses for looking after me so well. I couldn’t believe what a wonderful job you did removing my wisdom tooth. It’s been such a relief to be pain free after so long. I certainly won’t be worried if I have to have another removed in the future. Thanks again.”


“Big thanks for getting me through what I considered a very traumatic dental process. You have been really kind and calming, showing great sense of humour without losing your professionalism. I am too long in the tooth (pun intended) to ever feel comfortable at the dentist’s but you have helped to lower my stress levels.”

“I have previously attended the practice on a private basis for extraction by conscious sedation and was so impressed with everything.”

“I am very nervous patient and find both Mrs and Dr Hare very reassuring.”

“Excellent service and treatment of a nervous patient! Thanks again.”

“I have seen three dentists at the practice and all have been wonderful.”

“Very positive experience. I have always been very anxious in the ‘dentist chair’. However I think I’ve overcome my fears due to the kindness and expertise of Dr Taylor, Polly and all. Thank you.”

“As a nervous patient, Dr Coleman made me very comfortable. Such a nice woman.”

“I was terrified. Dr Hare was wonderful. This is particularly relevant because I was pathetic and everything took ages.”

“Please note that it is very rare indeed that I am so positive. Text message reminders are helpful and reassuring. As is the clean, tasteful, modern premises and the overall impression is very good and successful.”

“All staff very friendly and welcoming explaining what they are doing during appointments.”

“I was extremely impressed by all staff from initial enquires to finally registering, a very professional and friendly team!”

“Just to say thanks for the consideration and understanding I receive at your practice, not to mention brilliant denture!”

“I am writing to express my sincere thanks for some very expert dental treatment from you recently.”