Tooth Decay and Soft Drinks

Fizzy Drinks
Sweet soft drinks are, without doubt, one of the biggest causes of poor oral health. Many extremely well-known standard size canned drinks regularly contain at least 8 teaspoons of sugar, with some of the worst offenders having a sickly FIFTEEN teaspoons in each 330ml of product.

Recently, The Children’s Food Campaign published the results of a damning survey that shows a 20p per litre tax on sugary drinks would directly benefit the health of those living in London as well as saving the NHS and other public health organisations’ budgets a total of almost £40m over the next two decades. Similar positive results could be achieved across the country were the scheme to be implemented nationwide.

The figures have been published in partnership with FoodActive and Brendan Collins, an academic based at the University of Liverpool. Several conclusions were drawn from the figures, most notably:

  • Diabetes cases would be reduced by more than 6,300

  • 1,100 cases of cancer would be prevented

  • Stroke and coronary heart disease cases would fall by more than 4,300

  • Tooth decay, particularly in children, would be dramatically lowered

  • Thousands of residents would see a quality-of-life improvement

Health campaigners at the British Dental Health Foundation have noticed that soft drinks are ‘the largest single source of sugar’ among children. The Children’s Food Campaign believes that a duty on sugary drinks is the “most practical and effective way of tackling a significant source of unnecessary calories and sugar in children and young people’s diets – Mexico, France and Hungary have already introduced a sugary drinks duty and their citizens are reaping the benefits”, according to Malcolm Clark, coordinator of the Children’s Food Campaign.
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