Tooth Extraction Patient – Ljuba

“The problem before my treatment was I had bad teeth, my gums were swollen and sore, generally I felt unhealthy in myself completely, I didn’t feel particularly healthy with it. My experience has been fantastic, it didn’t feel like a normal dentist. The first time I came I must admit I was a bit nervous, but when I done my first one, it progressively got better and better and better, and I felt more at ease, even to the point when I came to have my teeth removed, I was slightly nervous but I completely put my trust and faith in them, they were brilliant.

Rebecca was amazing, she made me feel at ease straightaway, every time I’ve seen her it’s got easier and better, and the practice is brilliant as well, if I need an appointment I’ve had one straightaway, no problems. Because I’ve had to go and have things changed and have the dentures altered and things. It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

If I had the slightest problem, she’s always said to me ‘come back if there is anything bothering you’, the slightest thing she would sort out for me and I knew I could come to her and I wasn’t frightened to come to her thinking it’s a silly little problem. Like I said, the level of professionalism and she listened to everything, there was nothing she could not do or sort out for me really.”